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Comments from Former Students

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Because we know how important your pets are to you, we've asked several of our cleints to fill out surveys on the training classes that they had just graduated from.

Here is what a few of them have had to say....

Canine Obedience Training Inc
Which exercise did you find the most beneficial and why?

A Student's Review
Sitting down with distractions. This exercise helps me a great deal when we are in public places.

Another of Our Student's Comments
We really enjoyed walking on the mats together. I found that this exercise really helps keep my dog on the sidewalks. I also really liked sit/down and stay. This exercise helps me out when I want to spend some relaxing time at home with my best friend.

Another of Our Student's Comments
I think that learning the command "COME" was the most beneficial for me and my dog. At least now I'll be able to get her in the yard and she won't run off anymore.

Canine Obedience Training Inc
Did you find the homework sheets helpful?

Student's Comment
I found the homework to be a wonderful tool to use as reference. It provided me with something to look back at for a refresher when practicing our training at home.

Another Valued Student's Comment
Oh yes! I found that the homework sheets provided me with very detailed information that left me with no questions asked about how to do something. It was very informative.

Canine Obedience Training Inc
How would you evaluate your instructor?

A Student's Review
On a scale from 1-10 MaryAnn is a 20+++!

Another Valued Student's Review
They are wonderful with the dogs and have been extremely helpful.

Another Valued Student's Comments
They have been extremely helpful. They are always willing to step in when I needed further instruction with the commands. I know that these classes have been very beneficial and that they have helped me manage my dog's behavior.

Let's Hear One More Student's Comments
Over all I feel that the classes have been very informative. The instructors are very patient with both the dog and the owners, and are genuinly concerned that each dog is doing their best.

Canine Obedience Training Inc.
What Is Your Overall Opinion of the Class?

A Student's Review
The classes have been extremely helpful. I can see that the dogs are not only learning new behaviors, but they are enjoying it as well.

Another Student's Review
Overall, I think we learned alot. I personally never knew that there were so many exercises to be learned out there! This class was very beneficial and I definitely would recommend it to family and friends!!

Yet One More Student's Comments
Well, I've been coming to Jan and MaryAnn's classes now for over one year, so that says it all....THEY'RE EXCELLENT!!
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